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Dental Implant

It is essentially the replacement of your missing teeth with artificial metal roots, specifically titanium.

These implants are then restored using crowns or partial or complete dentures, depending on your needs.

Tooth extraction and implant placement:

In many cases, a missing tooth can be replaced with an implant if there is sufficient available bone.

However, implant placement may require more complex approaches in certain cases:

Alveolar atrophy:

If the amount of jawbone is insufficient to support the implant, it will be necessary to rebuild the bone before implant placement.

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Implant and sinus augmentation:

If there is insufficient bone quantity to support implant placement in the posterior upper region of the mouth, it is possible to encroach upon the maxillary sinus space by performing a bone graft at the floor of the sinus. This procedure can be done through a lateral approach, which involves creating a lateral window in the jawbone.

Alternatively, it can be done through a crestal approach, which involves accessing the sinus directly through the implant placement site.

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