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Periodontics is the dental specialty responsible for the diagnosis, treatment, and maintenance of the periodontium, which includes the supporting tissues of the teeth, namely the gums and the bone.

We essentially treat the foundations of your teeth.

Among the diseases we treat, periodontitis takes the forefront. Nearly 50% of adults are affected by it to varying degrees. Did you know that the majority of teeth lost after the age of 35 are due to periodontitis rather than tooth decay? Did you know that smokers with periodontitis lose an average of 3 to 8 times more teeth than non-smokers with the same condition? Watch the following video:


A thorough periodontal examination will be necessary before we can establish a treatment plan.

Here are some commonly required treatments in periodontics:

Bone surgery

Bone surgery aims to correct bone defects caused by periodontitis by modifying or “subtracting” gingival and osseous tissue around your teeth. Your teeth will appear longer after this treatment. This treatment is primarily reserved for posterior teeth.

Bone grafting

This procedure involves correcting a localized bone deficiency, which may have been caused by periodontitis or a local incident. We will add bone and typically use a membrane made of collagen to fill the void.

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The gingival graft

Is used to replace missing gingival tissue around your teeth. It may or may not be used to cover exposed roots. It can be done for both functional and aesthetic reasons. By adding gum tissue where it was lacking, the tooth is protected against various stresses that can lead to gum recession. Several techniques are available for grafting tissue. Here are two examples of the most commonly used techniques: free gingival graft…





Coronary elongation

This procedure is necessary when a deep cavity or the fracture of a tooth’s wall occurs. In such cases, it is necessary to expose the surrounding area of the tooth to make it accessible for restoration.






It can happen that teeth are somewhat “buried” under an excessive amount of gum tissue. This prevents proper maintenance of the teeth with a toothbrush and dental floss. In such cases, it becomes necessary to expose the teeth to gain access for oral hygiene purposes. Please refer to the Cosmetic Dentistry page for more information.

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