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Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment in Montreal

The use of different wavelengths of laser provides us with multiple treatment options for both hard tissues (bone) and soft tissues (gums and mucous membranes).

Treatments for periodontal diseases

Laser therapy helps reduce pocket depth, aiding in controlling and preventing the progression of gum disease. This procedure does not involve the amputation of a portion of the gum, but rather aims to preserve as much tissue as possible through curettage so that it can reattach to your teeth.

Surgical laser: Removal of oral lesions

Benign lesions can often be eliminated or reduced painlessly and without bleeding using surgical lasers. Their healing is faster and causes less scarring compared to removal with a scalpel. Some examples include lipomas, fibromas, papillomas, hemangiomas, condylomas, mucoceles, etc.

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Therapeutic laser: Control of inflammation and pain

Through its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, laser therapy helps reduce the recovery period following surgery. In some cases, it can decrease the need for analgesic, antibiotic, or antiviral medications. Examples include cold sores (herpes labialis), erosive lichen planus, and aphthous ulcers.

We can also treat cases of stomatodynia (burning mouth syndrome), mucositis (resulting from chemotherapy and radiotherapy in cancer treatment), and paresthesia (numbness following minor injury to the inferior dental nerve).

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