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Why does our Periodontics and Implantology Clinic on Plateau in Montreal perform gum grafts?

Firstly, from a medical perspective, gum grafting is used to address issues that affect many people, such as lack of attached gum tissue and gingival recession. Gum recession, which can lead to the exposure of tooth roots, may be caused by inflammation of the tissues that support the teeth. In some cases, this may be due to an underlying periodontal disease. That’s why treating this condition is a top priority in our clinic. Our team of periodontists performs grafts to effectively strengthen the gum tissue and protect the health of your teeth.

Furthermore, from an aesthetic standpoint, a lack of gum tissue around a tooth or implant can be bothersome. Gum grafting is an easy method to correct this cosmetic issue. A simple appointment with our periodontists in Montreal will provide you with more information.

In summary, our clinic performs gum grafts for both medical reasons, such as addressing gum recession and periodontal issues, and aesthetic reasons, to improve the appearance of your smile. Feel free to schedule a consultation with our specialists to receive a personalized evaluation and tailored recommendations based on your situation.

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